Our Journey

Bernard Carney and vendors of the Big Issue Magazine formed the Choir in 2007. Initially called the Big Issue choir, people who were homeless or unemployed made up the choir’s membership. Before long, other disadvantaged people joined the Choir. A founding member who had experienced homelessness came up with the Spirit of the Streets’ name to reflect the wide diversity of the group. The name emanates from the comparison he made between the supportive, family-like atmosphere he had found within the Choir and the brotherhood and kinship he had experienced while living on the street.

In 2008, the Choir’s manager, Ken Steele approached Bernard and suggested a major concert with the Perth Male Voices choir to raise the public profile of the Choir. The resulting sell-out concert at the Perth Concert Hall, followed by another successful concert at St Georges Cathedral, bought recognition and the Choir grew steadily in numbers as did the invitations to perform.

With around 80 members, the Choir performs between 30 and 40 gigs each year at corporate, private and community events. The Choir became a registered incorporated not-for-profit charity in 2010.



Our Musical Director and Founder of the SOS Choir

Bernard Carney