Our Board

Spirit of the Street Choir Board Members have an array of extensive qualifications, skills and experience to bring to Choir. You can read each Member’s information below.


In June 2015, Rob Maley invited me to a rehearsal of the Choir so that I could meet the members and see what it is all about. I arrived just in time for the warm-up exercises which were followed by Steve’s wrap-up of the footy tipping before the rehearsal got underway. The rehearsal was an amazing experience – from the welcoming atmosphere of everyone I met, to the amazing musical and vocal talent displayed by all of the members. I knew that I had to be part of this and I haven’t stopped talking about it since.

I believe Spirit of the Streets is an amazing organisation that changes the lives of everyone who is involved with it. During my time with Spirit of the Streets I’m aiming to increase the profile of the organisation and help us grow in an inclusive and sustainable way. My professional background is in Finance, Strategy and Management and I have worked in the Financial Services, Mining and Manufacturing Industries – I am currently working in Finance at Bankwest. On a personal level, I have lived in WA for nearly 20 years and I enjoy playing hockey, mountain biking and spending time with friends and family.

Thanks for allowing me to be part of the Spirit of the Streets Choir family, I look forward to getting to know all of you over the near future and look forward to my role as Chairperson.


I have had the privilege of being Chairperson of the Spirit of the Streets Choir Committee of Management for the past 3 years and have now taken on the role of Secretary. I retired from full time employment in 2005 having worked for numerous organisations in various roles including an electronics technician, TAFE Lecturer and management.

I am keen to continue as a board member of the SOS choir as I would like to be part of the ongoing process of implementing and revising the strategic planning process. I enjoy being a choir member as I identify with the Choir’s purpose and values and enjoy the family relationships with all the members. I also enjoy the opportunity, for the first time in my life, of singing in a choir.


I am not a great singer. In fact, when singing happy birthday I can often be caught lip-synching. But I’ve always had a passion for singing. Having dabbled as an amateur drummer (not great but better than my singing). I enjoy watching people tapping their feet more or less in time to the same song, observing how music brings people together.

When I asked to help support the Spirit of the Streets Choir, I did not know too much about it. However having heard about the membership base and upon learning what the group is about, I instantly loved the idea and wanted to be part of it.

If you see me at rehearsal, rest assured that as the incoming treasurer my accounting skills are better than my singing and drumming. And don’t pull me up on my lip synching, believe me I’m doing it for both of our benefit.


 I joined the Choir five years ago and have loved every minute of being a member. I enjoy the feel of a family that the Choir has developed as well as the friendship and caring that the Members provide so willingly.

I have two daughters, one who lives in Sydney with my granddaughter who is 15 and the other who lives in Perth with her husband and my two granddaughters aged 3 and 1 year.

For many years I have suffered from chronic depression and anxiety, I have my good and my bad times, but with the intervention of professional care, I manage pretty well.   Belonging to the Choir has helped tremendously with this aspect of my life!

I trained as a Social Worker 30 years ago and have mostly worked in hospitals. My last role was at Royal Perth Hospital where I was assigned to the Emergency Department. In that role I worked with many socially marginalised people – those with mental illness, experiencing homelessness, domestic violence and addiction. I have also worked in the Kimberley area with Aboriginal people and was based in Broome. I used to travel to all the outlying Aboriginal communities including Balgo, Cape Levique, Derby, Kunnurra and Wyndham so had the opportunity to see much of the beautiful country of our State’s north.

When I retired I volunteered for Meals on Wheels and as a teacher’s aide helping non-English speaking migrants to learn English. Both of these volunteer roles were extremely rewarding for me personally and I therefore had no hesitation in volunteering for the Spirits of the Streets Choir.

I plan to continue with the Choir for as long as is possible and serve as a volunteer in whatever capacity I can.


I bring a mishmash of skills and experiences that I believe are useful on the Board. I acquired my organisation skills through raising a large family, which included 3 nieces and two step-children, from which we have 11 grandchildren. I have fostered children and adults with disability.

Within my close and extended family, I have personal experiences of suicide, mental illness, disability, poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, and drug and alcohol addiction. For several years I was heavily involved with my girls’ culture group, which involved fundraising, feeding and ferrying 50 odd teenage girls around New Zealand for competitions and helping out at weekly rehearsals, providing food and support. I think this is why I feel right at home in the choir family because I identify with our membership on many levels.

For 10 years I ran a successful mobile clothing business, before completing a diploma in journalism and writing news stories for community newspapers and PR copy for community groups and events.

I’ve worked and trained in the disability sector for 23 years. For the past 15 years I’ve worked in various departments within the Autism Association of FWA, this has included running the community options program and individual case management in residential, community and workplace settings.

I am a strong advocate for social inclusion and believe in the choir’s values and mission. I’ve been a member of the choir since 2008 and watched it develop and grow into what it is today. The thing that motivates me is seeing the way in which the choir transforms people’s lives. It brings me a joy to watch people grow and enjoy life out in the community.

I am excited about Sing for Health Week. I think this project has the potential to not only change peoples’ lives, create musical opportunity and promote health and singing, but also gives the choir an opportunity to increase its income and be sustainable for many years to come.

Although I plan to return to NZ for a few months, being an ex-officio member of the Board will enable me to stay informed and continue to be part of the choir from afar for a short time, returning to Perth to continue working on behalf of choir members.


I feel privileged to be part of the SOS Choir. My background includes extensive experience in mental health and management positions: twelve years as manager of a supported accommodation program for people with mental illness for RISE and seven years until 2014 when I officially retired as Chief Executive Officer of the Mental Illness Fellowship of WA (MIFWA). I now work part- time for a Domestic & Family Violence Service.

I was recruited to the SOS Board in 2014 and hope that I can continue to offer my knowledge and experience, particularly in working with the Board, volunteer staff and the choir family to plan strategically for its future endeavours. Over the last 2 years, I have become increasingly familiar with the work of SOS, developing policies for the Board and working with other Board members towards compliance of the National Mental Health Standards, which is a requirement of the funding body, the Mental Health Commission.

My husband and I are strong supporters of SOS; we have accompanied the choir to Dunsborough last year and we have attended a number of concerts. SOS never fails to inspire us both and we now know quite a few choir members.

I look forward to continuing my work with the SOS Board.




Sam is a lawyer with a broad range of legal skills. He has valuable experience from working in a number of community, in house, government and private sector legal organisations.

He has worked on litigious matters that have proceeded to hearings at the State Administrative Tribunal, the District Court and the Supreme Court.

Sam is currently building his knowledge and understanding of the town planning policies and frameworks that influence land use and development proposals in Western Australia. He has worked collaboratively with other professionals including town planners, engineers, environmental consultants and land valuation experts.

Sam has appeared in a number of matters before the State Administrative Tribunal, the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court of Western Australia. He has conducted private negotiations for clients in leasing matters and property disputes.

Sam coordinates the firm’s blog and written publications.

He has experience in matters involving land development, compulsory acquisition, clearing of native vegetation, contaminated sites, threatened and endangered species, and public infrastructure works.